My Story

My How, When and Why         Q: Describe yourself before Scentsy. A: Deeply distressed in massive debt. Isolated and depressed. Q: How did you hear about Scentsy? A:  A facebook friend posted "Contact me today to place your Scentsy order.” In the meantime, I did some research on Scentsy. The product fascinated me so using her name I did a consultant search and found her website. I purchased an Scentsy Enchanted warmer & Newborn Nursery fragrance bar. Q: What did you think of the Scentsy product?  A: The day I received it, I was instantly hooked. I knew I needed more! I could no longer burn wicked candles because I had a 3 year old grandson living with me. Scentsy was an absolute answer to my three major dilemmas. Q: What were your three major dilemmas? A: First, I was lonely. Second, safety became paramount because of the little guy. Third, finances. Q: How has Scentsy helped you? A: Scentsy, the product and opportunity were an answer to prayer. Starting my own business with Scentsy has allowed me to cross paths with people that I would otherwise never have met. People from all walks of life have become a part of me through this amazing company. The potential to change lives is dynamic! I firmly know that Scentsy came along quite by divine design. My heartfelt mission is to encourage those who cross my path. Lastly, I appreciate the three core values of Scentsy Corporation: Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity.  Blessings Always,  Rheda